web page server

maintenance of html pages, web and other scripts, as well as mail (hosting)

web page server

Choose your drive for hosting with access via many standard protocols

A1 1 year 5 USD - 500 Mb
  1 year  10 USD - 1000 Mb
  1 year 15 USD - 1500 Mb
A3 1 year  30 USD - 3000 Mb
  1 year  60 USD - 7000 Mb
  1 year 100 USD - 15000 Mb

a personal user of sendmail, ssh, ftp and php mail. your own and virtual pop3, imap, smtp. webmail, mysql, ldap, domain NAME.plantas NAME.vip NAME.kivie.in ИМЯ.памарі.огд or his own. to order, write to xplantas@icloud.com there is a CPU time limit and other possibilities, but that's enough for you. Your folder is online.

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